Guidelines To Formatting Your Pre-EDGARized Document

Correct formatting within Word can greatly expedite the time it takes to EDGARize a document.  Here are some key guidelines to a more efficient conversion of your documents:
  • Review your documents to ensure they are accurate before conversion
  • Use at least 1" margins on all sides of the document where possible
  • Avoid using hard returns at the end of sentences, rather let Word wrap the text
  • Avoid using multiple tabs to indent, rather use Word formatting tools when you need to align text
  • Avoid using multiple fonts
  • When using a table, use Word's table function to create tables and avoid tabbing or spacing
  • Use proper indentation tools

SEC Links

We have compiled a list of helpful resources on a variety of topics. 

Securities and Exchange Commission:

Information for EDGAR Filers:

EDGAR Filer Manual:

Fee Payment Instructions:

EDGAR Filing Websites:

EDGAR Filing Codes:

Forms List:

On-line Forms:

EDGAR System:

Search Company Filings:

EDGAR Company Database:

XBRL Links

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB):

XBRL International:


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